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Initial Foster/Adopt Training & CPR Training ....

It has been way too long since I've posted, and I apologize for that. So much has happened since my last post it's hard to know where to begin. Probably at the initial foster/adopt training. Those were two of the hardest days of training I have ever had to go through, and of course this is just the "stories" part, we have not even "touched" the reality .... more on that later.

Home Study Visit #2 & Safety Visit Complete

Last Tuesday, March 2nd, we had our second home visit, and yesterday, March 9th, was our home safety inspection. Both visits went really well.

Home Study Visit #1 - In the Bag

So, last Wednesday night, February 24th, we had our first home study visit.

It was definitely less than painful. After scrubbing the house from top to bottom (thank you Mel), we sat in our family room and had a "friendly chat". As M, our social worker who is conducting the home visits, said she is really easy to talk to. It was like sitting down and talking to an old friend.

The Paperwork Has Been Submitted

Last week Mel and Nate made a very special trip, they went to the Broomfield Health and Human Services (HHS) office to drop off our paperwork, and get the approval process officially started. We are so excited. Next steps, Sherry, the foster care supervisor from HHS, starts the background process, we get fingerprinted and take the core training classes.

The Orientation

Tonight we had our first meeting with the Foster Coordinator for our county. Basically with was the orientation to the program. She had an outline in front of her, but said since it was just us we could just ask any questions we had. And so we did. By the end of the meeting she gave us the outline, and low-and-behold we'd covered everything on the outline and much more. Not to say we won't have a million more questions as time progresses, but we definitely have a good base of information. Sherry made us feel so comfortable, and was so easy to talk to.

Adventure Begins

This blog will document my family's journey to becoming a foster/adoptive home for a child in the (hopefully near) future.

First, how did we come to this place in our lives where we decided to embark upon this journey. Wow, well that's a long story.