Adoption Council of Canada

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The Adoption Council of Canada is a federally incorporated charitable body which aims to: inform and educate about all aspects of the adoption of children for Canadians; provide understanding of the benefits and challenges of adoption for children, birth-families and adoptive parents; promote the placement of waiting children in permanent loving families; stress the importance of post-adoption services for families and adoptees; and facilitate communication among all groups and individuals concerned, by providing:

Colorado Department of Human Services - Division of Child Welfare

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1575 Sherman Street
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From the CDHS site:

Foster parents are a finite resource. They are part of the team that helps make a real and lasting difference in the lives of Colorado's families and children. It is everyone's responsibility to support and retain our foster families.


Adoption Support at Forever Parents

From Forever Parents:

Hi, I’m Joanne. :)

I created Forever Parents on December 28, 2002 after being frustrated by the lack of online support for adoptive and waiting parents. Feeling safe enough to vent, without being misunderstood or judged is an important part of this journey and I wanted to carve out a place for myself and others to do that. Forever Parents started on the msn boards, then switched to ezboard in 2003 and to our own server in 2008.

Life Book

Life Books are a way for a Child of Trauma to make sense of his or her past. It is a way to declare, "I MATTER." Life Books allow a child to express themselves through art, words, photos, and drawings. A Life Book can attempt to give a child some sense of why his/her bio parents had to leave.

A Life Book can provide tools for conversation that can make conversations about why the child was relinquished easier.

A Life Book should:

  • Tell a child's story from birth.
  • Provide details of a child's birth parents

Facebook - Adoption Supporter

From the group page:

Do you believe every child deserves a chance to have a family? Whether you were adopted, know someone who is adopted or planning on adopting this is the group for you.

Contact with birthparents after adoption?

How many of you who have adopted from foster care still allow contact with birthparents after adoption? There were no drugs involved in my kids' bmom's case. She just basically chose a man over them. She had 2 older children who were put in foster care in another state and subsequently adopted several years ago. She still keeps in contact with one of them. She knew that if I adopted them, I would probably allow contact so as soon as I said I would adopt them, she relinquished.

Training- Adoption as a Life-Long Process

12/04/2008 - 18:30

Adoption Alliance
2121 S. Oneida St. Ste. 420, Denver, CO 80224
Training- Adoption as a Life-Long Process

This class will have a panel of adult and teen adoptees as well as siblings of adoptees. Topics will include: the adoption triad, attachment, loss and grief, child development and the impact of institutionalization. This class is required of all families adopting through our Waiting Child Program and International Programs.

An RSVP is preferred since seating is limited.

RSVP to or (303) 584-9900 ext. 10

A Guide to Colorado Adoptions

Leslie Zetterstrom

This is a great little book if you plan on adopting in Colorado. It covers the basic legal process for all different kinds of adoption.

Adoption - Virginia Department of Social Services

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Virginia Department of Social Services
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7 N. Eighth Street
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A description of adoptions in Virgina through Social Services.

Adoption Issues

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