State of New Jersey Department of Children and Families Info Session

01/16/2009 - 09:00

Sussex Avenue School
307 Sussex Avenue
Newark, NJ

Jan 16, 2009 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am

Help America’s Forsaken Foster Care Children!

"Many states across America pay less to care for a foster child than a kennel charges to board and feed a dog! Please help save a childhood ~ Support America's Forgotten Foster Care Children."

Maybe Days: A Book for Children in Foster Care

Jennifer Wilgocki
Marcia Kahn Wright
Alissa Imre Geis

This book explains to children what being in foster care means. It will help both foster parents and children make sense of what often seems to not make sense.

My Lifebook Journal

Therese Accinelli

A book of activities to help foster children understand the situation they find themselves in.

Foster Care and Trust

Imagine for a second that you're a little kid. Your life is filled with chaos. Perhaps your parents are drug users.

At best, you aren't really sure where your next meal will come from--sometimes your parents are gone for days at a time. So you hide things that will keep in your closet, under your bed, in places that are safe.

At worst, you hide from your caretakers because you get hit if you get in the way. Perhaps there is an adult in the house who does things worse than hitting. Dark corners where there is no yelling are good places to be.

Weld County Social Services

Address 1: 
2950 9th St
Ft Lupton
ZIP/Post Code: 
970-352-1551 Ext. 6011

Foster Care - Adoption - Kinship Care

Licensing Services

Guardian Ad Litem

When a child is taken into protective services and is placed into foster care the kid is often assigned a case-worker, therapist, and a lawyer. The lawyer is called a "Guardian Ad Litem" (GAL) and is assigned to look out for the best interests of the child. While this lawyer is the child's representation, he or she doesn't necessarily represent the child's wishes when the wishes fly against what is safe for the child.

Fostering Perspectives

From Fostering Perspectives Home Page:

Welcome to Fostering Perspectives, a publication dedicated to making foster care and adoption in North Carolina the best they can be.

  • Foster and adoptive parents will find it to be a resource and a place to share information, ideas, frustrations, and joys related to foster care and adoption.
  • Foster children will find the Kids' Pages, a place where children who are or have been in foster care express themselves through words and pictures.

The National Foster Parent Association

The National Voice of Foster Parents.

Practical Tools for Foster Parents

Lana Temple-Plotz
Ted P. Stricklett
Christena B. Baker
Michael N. Sterba

This book looks at foster parent/child relationships and explores tools to help foster parents create safe and healthy environments.

A must read for any parent engaging in an at risk (fost-adopt) adoption or fostering children in their home.