The Traumatised Adoptee

Parents who have adopted children from a traumatic background will enjoy a special place in heaven.

Foster parents are the special selfless glue that give Children of Trauma a shot at being normal.

These kids may have been taken by social services because the biological parents couldn't or wouldn't properly care for their children. Often these kids come from abusive or neglectful homes.

Growing up aware and proud to be adopted.

Hello, my name is Aaron and I was adopted, to Hank and Judy, in the spring of 1973. I am very fortunate, my adopted parents are of the highest character. More importantly, their love is unconditional. This is all an adoptee can ask for. That at no point, never, no matter how mad, you, as a parent, ever give the slightest notion that the thought enters your mind. No matter how fleeting, how momentary, how unintentional, how irrational, your child will know.

Foster Cares

From the Foster Cares Homepage:

Foster Cares, Inc. is a non-profit (501c3), located just South of Denver, Colorado. But our mission is nationwide.

Our main focus and primary mission is providing (at no cost) discounts and benefits, as well as time saving tools for those most involved in the actual care taking of foster children.

A true offering of tangible benefits for foster parents has been noticeably absent from this nation’s foster care system. Anyone who is a foster parent or foster care provider or knows one would quickly agree.

It's That Time of Year Again

This post is re-published with kind permission from Joanne at Forever Parents.

Tomorrow, June 5th, is my daughter’s 14th birthday, but we won’t be celebrating.

Let me explain….

When we adopted her, she was eight years old (We also adopted her two siblings at the same time). For the first couple of years, the week leading up to her birthday was always a time of turmoil for us. Moodiness, nastiness and sadness would fill her up and hurt anyone in her path, usually us, her family. Some years it was all I could go to even talk to her during that week….one year I threw her cake into the garbage out of total frustration and another year I cancelled her party a few days before.

Adams County Social Services - Foster to Adopt Support Group

06/04/2009 - 06:30
06/04/2009 - 08:00

7401 N Broadway
Denver, CO 80221

Journey To Me

from the Journey To Me Beliefs:

  • We are compassionate and committed to the unique journey of each adopted child.
  • We believe every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  • We believe every child deserves a family.
  • We believe every adopted child experiences grief, loss and fear of attachment.
  • We are dedicated to providing a safe network of support for adoptive families.
  • We provide educational resources to those impacted by adoption.

Adoption Council of Canada

From the Adoption Council of Canada site:

The Adoption Council of Canada is a federally incorporated charitable body which aims to: inform and educate about all aspects of the adoption of children for Canadians; provide understanding of the benefits and challenges of adoption for children, birth-families and adoptive parents; promote the placement of waiting children in permanent loving families; stress the importance of post-adoption services for families and adoptees; and facilitate communication among all groups and individuals concerned, by providing:

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Adoption Support at Forever Parents

From Forever Parents:

Hi, I’m Joanne. :)

I created Forever Parents on December 28, 2002 after being frustrated by the lack of online support for adoptive and waiting parents. Feeling safe enough to vent, without being misunderstood or judged is an important part of this journey and I wanted to carve out a place for myself and others to do that. Forever Parents started on the msn boards, then switched to ezboard in 2003 and to our own server in 2008.

Facebook - Adoption Supporter

From the group page:

Do you believe every child deserves a chance to have a family? Whether you were adopted, know someone who is adopted or planning on adopting this is the group for you.