From the Blogs - Friends and Family - Do They Understand

Sometimes it seems like your immediate support circle just doesn't get what it means to be the parent of a Child of Trauma. Little victories, that seem huge to you, are seen as "Yah, so what"'s but others. But you know better.

In the blogs I'm taking a little look at the why's.

Who do you use for support? Does your immediate circle "get it"? If so, how did you help them understand? If not, who do you go to for support?

Georgia Center Adoption & Foster Care Resources and Support

Mission Statement: The mission of The Georgia Center for Resources and Support is "to establish a seamless, comprehensive support network of post placement services to strengthen adoptive and foster families throughout Georgia".

2250 North Druid Hills Road
Suite 145
Atlanta, Georgia 30329

Toll free telephone: 1.866.A.PARENT
Atlanta telephone: 404.929.0401
Fax: 404.929.0405

Setting Up A Support Group

Does anybody have advice on setting up a support group of parents? I think the very act of being with others who are going through the same kinds of issues is helpful and can often provide insight into ways to cope and help others to cope.

The National Foster Parent Association

The National Voice of Foster Parents.