About Us

"M" and "P" adopted their little girl when she was five years old. They were her eighth caregiver. Throughout the first year of parenting "Monica" they kept hearing about what a great job they were doing bringing "Monica" out of her shell. No one really understood the secondary trauma that was being created in the home.

Secondary trauma is a known term but is often overlooked by parents and health care. Parenting a child that is sometimes distant, defiant, with swinging emotions takes it's toll. Add to that symptoms of little or no remorse and no apparent sense of right and wrong, you have a recipe for secondary trauma.

"Monica" had therapy, but as the adoptive parents they felt out of the caring loop. "M" and "P" attended support group sessions but the group gradually faded. Thus sprang the idea of traumaadoptions.org--a place where parents and/or adult children can gather to support one another in relative anonymity where resources can be found and advice can be shared.

If you would like to blog on the site, please drop us a line at blog (at) traumaadoption (dot) org letting us know what you'd like to write about. We'd be happy to provide you with an account.