Dark, Bad Day...Go Away

Ana M. Gomez

Dark, Bad, Day...Go Away! is a lovely little story about two little dogs who have experienced some kind of traumatic experience. They are going through all sorts of awful emotions ranging from anxiety to self blame.

The book never goes into detail of what the awful thing that happened was, but it does explain the way the brain deals (or doesn't deal) with trauma in an easy to understand way. It then goes on to explain EMDR therapy and what the child might experience if he or she under goes the treatment.

This is a wonderful book for child therapists who make use of this therapy technique. It can spur discussion and reduce confusion and worry about starting a new course of therapy. It helps parents understand too!

Great little book. I highly recommend it.

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Where can I get this book?

Where can I get this book? It isn't available at my local book store, they can't order it, it isn't on Amazon.

Another book on attachment for children

I'm not sure about the book, Dark Bad Day, but here is another book on attachment in adoption or foster care:
GreenBean: True Blue Family
ISBN: 978-1-938627-002 paperback
Ages 4-8
A gentle tale of the true meaning of belonging not being just like your family, but something more.
Available through Amazon and BN.com

Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for the suggestion! We'll look at it.

This is a great book for

This is a great book for teaching children (and parents) about EDMR on a very basic level. It isn't available through standard sources for books though (like amazon or barnes and nobles) so don't boether trying to find it at a bookstore.