Foster Cares

From the Foster Cares Homepage:

Foster Cares, Inc. is a non-profit (501c3), located just South of Denver, Colorado. But our mission is nationwide.

Our main focus and primary mission is providing (at no cost) discounts and benefits, as well as time saving tools for those most involved in the actual care taking of foster children.

A true offering of tangible benefits for foster parents has been noticeably absent from this nation’s foster care system. Anyone who is a foster parent or foster care provider or knows one would quickly agree.

Foster Cares seeks to fix this problem via a broad selection of deep discounts and benefits from retailers, grocery stores, department stores, and service industries...offers specifically for foster parents and other care providers. Foster Cares believes foster parents should be rewarded for their unselfish efforts!

Our ultimate goal centers around providing support to foster parents and care givers, with an end result of more foster children becoming responsible, productive, happy and successful members of our society.


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Appreciate the call out! We're really working hard on bringing even more fantastic offers to the foster care and adoptive community... if anyone deserves to save a little money it's these people, you people.
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