A Guide to Adoption Services in Maine - Child and Family Services

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Central Office: Office of Child & Family Services
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2 Anthony Avenue
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(207) 624-7900

From the Maine.gov site:

Who are the Children Available for Adoption Through the Department of Health and Human Services?

While there are presently many children who need adoptive families, they are generally not infants or toddlers. Most of today's waiting children are grade school age, or older. Many have physical, mental or emotional disabilities.

What Adoption Services are Available Through Private Agencies?

Most private agencies provide birthparent counseling and services, home studies for agency and private adoptions, placement of infants and special needs children of all ages from Maine, the United States and many foreign countries, and counseling after adoption. Some agencies also provide educational services and search services.

Who May Adopt?

An unmarried individual or a married couple may adopt under Maine law. Adoptive parents are as varied as other parents. The common characteristic is the ability to accept as a member of their family a child not born to them.

Finding an Adoption Agency

Maine has nine licensed private adoption agencies and 13 offices of the Department of Health and Human Services. All provide a variety of adoption services and serve all of Maine. Each agency has its own eligibility requirements and procedures and maintains its own file of prospective parents. Some agencies have adoption services for children with only certain characteristics.
If you would like to know more about adopting a child, contact the agencies listed for further information. Their staff will be happy to discuss their adoption program and services with you.