The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner is a film that parents of Children of Trauma will deeply empathize with. It represents, at its core, many of the things we need to help our children work through. It tells a story of horrific abuse - physical, emotional, and sexual. It explores the shame that comes with rape--and not just the emotions of the person who was abused. It weaves a narrative around loss of parents and loved ones. But it also tells a story of unabiding hope for the future.

The story follows a boy from Afghanistan from the 70's before the Russians invaded up until just a decade ago. The main character is a boy who has a friendship with a servant boy. Somehow the friendship goes wrong and before it can be mended he is spirited away to the United States. I won't give any more than that away except to say...

Be prepared to have a box of kleenex, you'll need it.