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From the New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services:

The Division for Children, Youth & Families (DCYF) investigates allegations of child abuse and neglect. When an assessment indicates a child's safety is at risk, DCYF petitions the court to remove the child from his or her family and place him or her in a safe, caring, temporary environment - a foster home.

In NH there are approximately 1400 children served in foster family care in a given year. The children in foster care come from family situations where they may experience neglect or sexual, emotional or physical abuse. They range in age from birth to age 18. Some youth are children in need of supervision (CHINS) or are delinquent youth. Domestic violence, substance abuse and mental illness may be part of the family's history. Children placed in foster care usually attend the local public school and most children need the opportunity to participate in childhood activities in the community.

There are several types of foster family care. Some are administered by DCYF, while others are administered by private child-placing agencies. Basic foster family care is called General care. Other types of care include Specialized, Emergency, Crisis and Therapeutic care. Foster families provide homes for children whose families are unable or unwilling to care for them. Every effort is made to help the child remain with his or her family. Foster parents are asked to provide a supportive atmosphere while the biological parents, agency staff and foster parents work on individual and family issues.

Most children who are placed in foster care by DCYF return to their families. Some children who cannot be safely reunited with their parents need an alternative permanent plan. Relatives or their foster parents adopt many children but some need permanent adoptive homes with other families or individuals. Most children needing adoptive homes are school aged and have special needs.

The DCYF Adoption Program provides the following adoption support services and adoption search services. Pre and post adoption services for adoptive families includes support groups, information and referral services, administration of the Adoption Subsidy program, and training and home studies for NH adoptive families seeking to adopt children through DCYF. Adoption search services are available for persons who were adopted through DCYF, birth parents of persons adopted through DCYF, and siblings and other relatives of adopted persons when a court order is obtained for search services.



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For the record, the text in

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