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From the Delaware Adoption Page:

How Does A Person Become An Adoptive Parent?

  1. Gather as much information about adoption as
    possible, read articles and books, talk with
    adoptive families, attend Family Building Through
    Adoption course offered at Del Tech in Stanton.
  2. Gather information about the licensed adoption
    agencies in Delaware and determine which agency best
    meets your needs. Only licensed adoption agencies
    can place children for adoption. The Office of Child
    Care Licensing, Division of Family Services, can
    provide information about agencies.
  3. The licensed agency will invite you to come to
    an information meeting.
  4. The licensed agency then invites you to begin
    the education and assessment process referred to as
    the home study. The process is an opportunity for
    you to determine if adoption is right for you and
    helps you consider the type of child you can best
  5. Home study processes vary from agency to agency.
    However, each must offer the following:
    • an opportunity for parents to explore their
      motivation for adopting, their strengths and
      weaknesses, and their parenting style
    • education about children that are currently
      available for adoption
    • personal and employment reference check
    • criminal history background check
    • review of physical and mental health history
      of all members in the home
    • home visits
    • physical and safety review of the home
  6. Once you have an approved home study, the
    licensed agency will try and match you with a child
    to ensure that the child’s needs will be met.
  7. When a child is matched and all parties believe
    that this child’s needs matches your strengths and
    abilities, a discussion of how to proceed with the
    placement should occur. It may be necessary for the
    child to visit initially with you so that
    familiarity and comfort increases before placement
    of the child into your home.
  8. When all the involved parties feel confident
    that this is a good match, the child will be placed
    in your home.
  9. If the placement involves a child from another
    state or country, contact will be made with the
    Office of Interstate Compact on Children, the
    Immigration and Naturalization Office or the State
    Department, as applicable.
  10. The placement of the child will be supervised
    and supported by the licensed agency for a period of
    six months to one year, depending on the age of the
    child, as required by Delaware law.
  11. Once the supervision period has passed and all
    parties involved feel confident that the adoption
    should occur, a petition will be filed in Family
    Court to finalize the adoption.
  12. Children who are special needs may qualify for
    financial assistance after adoption. This will be
    determined before the adoption is finalized.
  13. Information about post-adoption support groups,
    counseling, and other resources will be shared with
    you to support you and your new child.



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