The Vermont Department for Children and Families

Address 1: 
Central Office
Address 2: 
103 South Main St., Osgood 3
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From the Vermont Department for Children and Families:

The majority of children in foster care return home to their parents; sometimes, however, children cannot safely go home and permanent families need to be found. We first look to relatives, family friends, and foster parents to provide permanancy for children who cannot go home. Sometimes, however, adoptive families need to be found.

Most of the waiting children are school-aged and many have special needs related to the abuse or neglect they’ve experienced. Some are part of a group of siblings who would like to stay together. What they all have in common is the desire to belong. They all want a place to go for the holidays, someone to share good news with or ask for advice, and people they can depend on. They want families.



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