Offsite Resources

  • Kinship Care Support

    From the Site:

    Welcome to the Kinship Care Support site. This site is here to be a resource for you amazing families out there who have selflessly stepped up to help care for family members, whether young or old.

    This site is a membership site that encourages conversation on the subject of caring for family members. These may be young (and being fostered) or older and need extra attention from family.

  • Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute

    From the Website:

    The Adoption Institute's mission is to provide leadership that improves adoption laws, policies and practices - through sound research, education and advocacy - in order to better the lives of everyone touched by adoption.

    New York Headquarters
    Mailing Address
    120 E. 38th Street
    New York, NY 10016

    Telephone Numbers
    Phone: 1-(212)-925-4089
    Fax: 1-(775)-796-6592

    Email Address
    Boston Office
    Mailing Address
    56 Hartford Street
    Newton, MA 02461

    Telephone Numbers
    Phone: 1-(617)-332-8944
    Fax: 1-(775)-796-6592

    Email Address

  • FosterClub

    FosterClub is a site for youth in foster care. The site's "About Us" describes themselves as:

    FosterClub is the national network for young people in foster care.

    Every two minutes, a child’s life changes as they enter the foster care system. Currently, there are over 513,000 young people in foster care in across America. FosterClub is their club — a place to turn for advice, information, and hope.

    FosterClub helps open the way for these young people to transform their lives and provides a forum to raise their voice. Our members engage with peers and regain control over their situation through support, skill building, and healing opportunities. FosterClub’s young leaders achieve impressive levels of success as they demonstrate remarkable resilience. Here they have real life opportunities to become true heroes as they reach back to improve the foster care system for their younger peers.

    The members of FosterClub are resilient young people determined to build a better future for themselves and for other kids coming up through the system behind them. Their success depends on the generosity of concerned individuals and collaborations with partner organizations. If you would like to learn more about FosterClub or how you can support young people in foster care. call 503-717-1552.

  • Foster Cares

    From the Foster Cares Homepage:

    Foster Cares, Inc. is a non-profit (501c3), located just South of Denver, Colorado. But our mission is nationwide.

    Our main focus and primary mission is providing (at no cost) discounts and benefits, as well as time saving tools for those most involved in the actual care taking of foster children.

    A true offering of tangible benefits for foster parents has been noticeably absent from this nation’s foster care system. Anyone who is a foster parent or foster care provider or knows one would quickly agree.

    Foster Cares seeks to fix this problem via a broad selection of deep discounts and benefits from retailers, grocery stores, department stores, and service industries...offers specifically for foster parents and other care providers. Foster Cares believes foster parents should be rewarded for their unselfish efforts!

    Our ultimate goal centers around providing support to foster parents and care givers, with an end result of more foster children becoming responsible, productive, happy and successful members of our society.

  • C. Blair Skinner, LMFT

    From C. Blair Skinner's Site:

    Seeking a therapist can be a difficult and often anxiety provoking task--it can also be the beginning of great growth when you find an experienced therapist with whom you feel a connection. I have been working with young children and their families in a variety of settings for many years now and have helped many families meet their therapeutic goals. I work with a Delta certified therapy dog named Winnicott "Winnie" who not only adds to the welcoming and nurturing environment of the office but also assists in helping clients reach their goals.

    blair at blairskinner dot com

    700 Burbank Street
    Broomfield, CO 80020
    Phone: 720 980-4034

  • Journey To Me

    from the Journey To Me Beliefs:

    • We are compassionate and committed to the unique journey of each adopted child.
    • We believe every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.
    • We believe every child deserves a family.
    • We believe every adopted child experiences grief, loss and fear of attachment.
    • We are dedicated to providing a safe network of support for adoptive families.
    • We provide educational resources to those impacted by adoption.
    • We are the premier, comprehensive resource for issues facing the adopted child.
  • Thoughts from a Foster Family

    "Yondalla" has been a foster mom since 2000. Her blog offers insights into the experience and state of being a foster parent. I found the blog by accident while perusing Twitter and I'm glad I did. Take a moment to read a few of her posts - you'll be glad you did.
  • Foster Care - Change a Lifetime

    From the Foster Care - Change a Lifetime site:

    All children deserve a safe, happy life — including the 496,000 American children and youth in foster care. Young people in foster care especially need nurturing adults on their side because their own families are in crisis and unable to care for them.

    This site provides information on how to get involved in the foster care system ranging from things you can do in minutes to things that can last a lifetime.

  • Adoption Council of Canada

    From the Adoption Council of Canada site:

    The Adoption Council of Canada is a federally incorporated charitable body which aims to: inform and educate about all aspects of the adoption of children for Canadians; provide understanding of the benefits and challenges of adoption for children, birth-families and adoptive parents; promote the placement of waiting children in permanent loving families; stress the importance of post-adoption services for families and adoptees; and facilitate communication among all groups and individuals concerned, by providing:

    • a library and clearing-house on adoption issues in Canada
    • information and referrals in answer to adoption inquiries
    • publications of adoption news and resources
    • education for families, professionals and the public.
    • facilitation of the planning and implementation of conferences and workshops on adoption issues
  • The Orphan Foundation

    From the Orphan Foundation site:

    The Orphan Foundation's mission is to find loving homes for the 163 million orphans around the world. Our programs range from providing financial support to adopting families, to medical interventions for children waiting for adoption, to transition support for children leaving institutions or foster homes at 17 or 18 years of age who have no family to help them.

  • National Foster Care Coalition

    from the Foster Care Coalition site:

    The National Foster Care Coalition (NFCC) is a broadly based national, nonpartisan partnership of individuals, organizations, foundations, and associations dedicated to improving the lives of the more than half a million children currently in the foster care system and the millions more who have been, or will be, involved in the foster care system. The power of NFCC's constituency is unmatched. Its member organizations represent current and former foster youth, birth, foster and adoptive parents, and child welfare professionals at the local, state and federal levels. As a result, NFCC's ability to represent the individuals touched by foster care, working within the foster care system, and who care about children in foster care is unparalleled.

  • Adoption Support at Forever Parents

    From Forever Parents:

    Hi, I’m Joanne. :)

    I created Forever Parents on December 28, 2002 after being frustrated by the lack of online support for adoptive and waiting parents. Feeling safe enough to vent, without being misunderstood or judged is an important part of this journey and I wanted to carve out a place for myself and others to do that. Forever Parents started on the msn boards, then switched to ezboard in 2003 and to our own server in 2008.

  • Facebook - Adoption Supporter

    From the group page:

    Do you believe every child deserves a chance to have a family? Whether you were adopted, know someone who is adopted or planning on adopting this is the group for you.

  • Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition

    From the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition site:

    The Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition, a proud member of United Way, is a non-profit agency that strives to create permanency in every foster child's life by recruiting and supporting foster/adoptive homes in the St. Louis metropolitan community.

  • Developmental Issues for Young Children in Foster Care

    The American Academy of Pediatrics posted a study on developmental issues of little kids in foster care.

    From the study:

    Greater numbers of young children with complicated, serious physical health, mental health, or developmental problems are entering foster care during the early years when brain growth is most active. Every effort should be made to make foster care a positive experience and a healing process for the child. Threats to a child's development from abuse and neglect should be understood by all participants in the child welfare system. Pediatricians have an important role in assessing the child's needs, providing comprehensive services, and advocating on the child's behalf.

    The developmental issues important for young children in foster care are reviewed, including: 1) the implications and consequences of abuse, neglect, and placement in foster care on early brain development; 2) the importance and challenges of establishing a child's attachment to caregivers; 3) the importance of considering a child's changing sense of time in all aspects of the foster care experience; and 4) the child's response to stress. Additional topics addressed relate to parental roles and kinship care, parent-child contact, permanency decision-making, and the components of comprehensive assessment and treatment of a child's development and mental health needs.

  • Attachment Disorder Maryland

    From Attachment Disorder Maryland's homepage:

    The multifaceted mission of Attachment Disorder Maryland is:

    • To be a source for current information and a Maryland regional resources, for the assessment and healing of attachment related difficulties in children and adolescents.
    • To be a resource for parents, professionals, and schools, about the critical role of healthy attachment in the overall social / emotional / intellectual development of children.
    • To present state-of-the-art information on attachment difficulties and their treatment, in an inclusive manner.
    • To offer strategies for working with children with attachment difficulties at home, in therapy, and in the school context.
    • To bring together a community of professionals, in Maryland, who have an interest in attachment-based work.
  • Family Attachment Counseling Center

    From the site:

    We believe in the power of relationships. Relationships with parents, children, spouses, peers, the Divine and even ourselves have an immense impact on an individual's holistic health. Our practice builds upon this philosophical base. We work with adults, couples, families and children in improving relationships and building on existing strengths.

    Contact the Center


    18322-C Minnetonka Blvd.
    Deephaven, Minnesota 55391

    (952) 475-2818

    (952) 475-3356

  • EMDR Institute (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

    From the EMDR site:

    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a comprehensive, integrative psychotherapy approach. It contains elements of many effective psychotherapies in structured protocols that are designed to maximize treatment effects. These include psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, experiential, and body-centered therapies.

    EMDR is an information processing therapy and uses an eight phase approach to address the experiential contributors of a wide range of pathologies. It attends to the past experiences that have set the groundwork for pathology, the current situations that trigger dysfunctional emotions, beliefs and sensations, and the positive experience needed to enhance future adaptive behaviors and mental health.

    During treatment various procedures and protocols are used to address the entire clinical picture. One of the procedural elements is "dual stimulation" using either bilateral eye movements, tones or taps. During the reprocessing phases the client attends momentarily to past memories, present triggers, or anticipated future experiences while simultaneously focusing on a set of external stimulus. During that time, clients generally experience the emergence of insight, changes in memories, or new associations. The clinician assists the client to focus on appropriate material before initiation of each subsequent set.

  • Iowa Foster Adoptive Parents Association

    From the IFAPA site:

    IFAPA is a membership organization serving foster and adoptive parents in Iowa. Membership in the association is FREE for Iowa's licensed foster parents and adoptive parents. Social workers, agencies, and other interested parties may join the association as a supporting member for $25 per year. Membership benefits include:

    *Free Training Classes Beneficial to Foster/Adoptive Parents
    *Foster Care and Adoption Related Publications
    *FREE or Low-Cost Events
    *Monthly & Bi-Monthly Newsletters
    *Legislative Bulletin
    * Peer Support from Foster/Adoptive Parent Liaisons

  • Living with RAD

    The Weblog of a mother's daily experiences with raising children with RAD. A good read.

    From her site:

    I'm a stay at home mom of 5. I have 2 adopted children with Reactive Attachment Disorder. My main interest in this blog is meeting other mom's who parent Reactive Attachment Disorder children and helping each other to take care of ourselves.

  • Georgia Center Adoption & Foster Care Resources and Support

    Mission Statement: The mission of The Georgia Center for Resources and Support is "to establish a seamless, comprehensive support network of post placement services to strengthen adoptive and foster families throughout Georgia".

    2250 North Druid Hills Road
    Suite 145
    Atlanta, Georgia 30329

    Toll free telephone: 1.866.A.PARENT
    Atlanta telephone: 404.929.0401
    Fax: 404.929.0405

  • Trauma Headquarters

    from the Trauma Headquarters homepage:

    If you have a child with a DSM IV diagnosis, then chances are your child also suffers from trauma. If you have a child diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder, then I am sure your child also suffers from trauma and/or an anxiety related disorder! By the time a parent finds this site, many of the parents have been traumatized and are suffering from trauma as well.

  • Adoptive Families

    From the AdoptiveFamilies home page:

    Adoptive Families, the award-winning national adoption magazine, is the leading adoption information source for families before, during, and after adoption.

  • Life Cycle Journeys

    From Life Cycle Journeys Home Page:

    Our perspective is from a holistic integrative view, asserting a basic point of departure about human nature. This basic point of departure is that we are all born with a divine spark. Following birth, many things dynamically happen that impede or foster our individual and personal growth—both physically and emotionally.

  • Moms Like Me

    From the Moms Like Me site:
    Where moms are making connections, finding support and sharing life’s everyday details. They're building a network of friends with other moms who know just what it’s like.

  • The Natural Child Project

    From the Natural Child Project Site:

    Our vision is a world in which all children are treated with dignity, respect, understanding, and compassion. In such a world, every child can grow into adulthood with a generous capacity for love and trust. Our society has no more urgent task.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Best to Treat Childhood Trauma

    "Kids get exposed to all sorts of traumatic events in their young lives and for most, they can escape from serious emotional harm. One way to do that is through treatment of the trauma."

  • Fostering Perspectives

    From Fostering Perspectives Home Page:

    Welcome to Fostering Perspectives, a publication dedicated to making foster care and adoption in North Carolina the best they can be.

    • Foster and adoptive parents will find it to be a resource and a place to share information, ideas, frustrations, and joys related to foster care and adoption.
    • Foster children will find the Kids' Pages, a place where children who are or have been in foster care express themselves through words and pictures.
    • Social workers will find Fostering Perspectives important for the way it gives voice to the concerns of the parents and children they work with every day.
  • Dave Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages


    These Trauma Pages focus primarily on emotional trauma and traumatic stress, including PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) and dissociation, whether following individual traumatic experience(s) or a large-scale disaster.

  • Attachment and Trauma Network

    From the ATN website:

    Parenting a child who has been traumatized or has Attachment Disorder can be overwhelming and isolating. Family and friends often don't understand or know how to support a family in crisis. It's hard to find answers, resources, hope.

  • Adoption Issues

    From the Adoption Issues Site:

    Families with adopted children face different challenges than those with just biological children. Even adopted children who feel positive about their adoption experience, can face a variety of emotions as they become teenagers. Typical rites of passage may have additional facets for adopted adolescents. They may question their identity and value, suffer from low self-esteem, and experience grief and loss. While some adopted teens are able to work through their feelings on their own or with their friends and family, others need professional help to deal with the range of emotions that arise.

  • Child Trauma Academy

    From the Child Trauma Academy site:

    Mission: The mission of the Academy is to help improve the lives of traumatized and maltreated children. We endeavor to improve the systems that educate, nurture, protect and enrich these children - through education, service delivery and program consultation. We work to improve individual lives through clinical assessment and treatment.

  • The Kempe Foundation

    From the Kempe Foundation Website:

    The Kempe Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect has been recognized as the world leader in child abuse treatment programs, and for over forty years, has been at the forefront in the fight against child abuse.

  • The Post Institute for Family Centered Therapy

    From the Post Institute Website:

    "Both children and adults have experienced trauma which not only goes unresolved but misunderstood by main stream society. Early trauma can create an imprint within a child’s brain and body system causing a lifelong impact. It is imperative that we begin expanding our awareness of behavior by taking a deeper look into its origin. Rather than continually pruning back the leaves, it is time to search nearer to the roots. Join me as we explore the pathways of hurt to healing."
    -- Dr. B. Bryan Post

  • Child Welfare Information Gateway

    From the Child Welfare Information Gateway site:

    Child Welfare Information Gateway promotes the safety, permanency, and well-being of children and families by connecting child welfare, adoption and related professionals as well as concerned citizens to timely, essential information.

    A service of the Children's Bureau, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, we provide access to print and electronic publications, websites, and online databases covering a wide range of topics from prevention to permanency, including child welfare, child abuse and neglect, adoption, search and reunion, and much more.

  • Thinking of

    Founded by adoptive parents, this site is a resource to help others determine whether adoption is right for them.

  • TCU Institute of Child Development

    Provides services for adopted at-risk children. Offers summer camps for children with social-emotional problems.

  • Everything for Adoption

    Article discussing how trauma is found within adoption and offers methods for helping and coping.

  • The National Foster Parent Association

    The National Voice of Foster Parents.

  • Love and Logic

    Love and Logic is a philosophy of raising and teaching children which allows adults to be happier, empowered, and more skilled in the interactions with children.